Our favorite suet feeders are the ones with a tail prop.  Woodpeckers and other little birds will cling right to the mesh front and use their tail to help support their bodies!  Upside down suet feeders are a way to slow down starlings and grackles, they have a hard time clinging and feeding at the same time, unlike woodpeckers.

Suet cylinder feeders take a larger form of suet, which you can find in the section labeled Suet on our website!  There are two flavors to choose from, Regular and Hot Pepper.  Hot Pepper resists squirrels, raccoons and other mammals.

Pricing from Left to Right and Item numbers :

Top Row

Suet Cylinder Log Feeder :                #W10846

Modern Rustic Single Tail Prop :        #W10893

Single Tail Prop Recycled :                 #3018

Upside Down Recycled Feeder :        #3961

Second Row

Suet Dough Cylinder Feeder :           #W10708  (Shown with optional tray, $4.99, W10668)

Suet Dough Cylinder Feeder :           #W10708

Double Tail Prop Recycled :               #3019

Feather Weight Tail Prop Feeder :     #W10886

Third Row

Copper Upside Down Suet Feeder :   #8019

Starling Proof Suet Feeder :              #9956

Suet Feeder Metal Deco Green :         #047977011806

On Platform

WBU SuperSuet Cakes :                     #W10832

WBU Hot Pepper SuperSuet :             #W10833

WBU Single Suet Cage :                      #3783

*Prices and inventory may change.  Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*