Water in the winter is even more important than during the summer months! In order to keep their feathers clean and fluffy birds must bathe even in freezing temperatures.  Having a heated bath or bird bath heater (to place in an appropriate bath) is a great way to enjoy your birds in the cold months. 

Pricing from Left to Right and Item numbers :

WBU BB Heater 80 Watt :                            #W10308   This heater can be used in a small, or plastic dish.

       Shown in 14" Tall Dec BB Stand :          #2386

                       14" Stone Plastic Dish :           #2262

Heated Dish Only :                                      #5602

       Shown in 14" Short Dec BB Stand :      #2389

Cord Connect :                       #085045000055      Use this to cover the connection between extension cords making it weather safe.

Compact De-Icer 250 Watts :                        #6492  Not safe to use in plastic dishes, it will melt through.  Good for larger birdbaths.

WBU 20" EZ Tilt Heated Dish Green :         #6490  Comes with Cord Connect and Four Year Warranty.  Best heated dish on the market!                          

*Prices and inventory may change.  Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*