Bluebirds prefer to be on a pole that you can mow and weed eat under.  This action helps keep predators out in the open where birds can see them.  The Bluebird Pole is a 6' pole that twists in the ground about 1'.  The large stabilizer may not be necessary if your soil isn't too rocky.  Raccoons are more of a problem than squirrels when it comes to baby birds, raccoon baffles need to be wider and taller than squirrel baffles.

Left to Right Item numbers :

APS Bluebird Pole and Flange :                    #2353

APS Bluebird Side Mount Flange :                  #4656

     Shown on Eastern Bluebird House

APS Bluebird House Flange :                           #2225

Large Stabilizer :                                            #2342

8" Raccoon Baffle :                                       #3054

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