APS Deck Mounting Hardware

Remember, squirrels can jump and climb(raccoons too) out on sturdy hardware.  Use a weight activated squirrel proof bird feeder with the hardware below to keep the critters off your deck and feeders.  See the Squirrel Proof feeder section to check out what we have in stock.

Step One - Pick Your Bracket

Left to Right Item numbers :

APS Side Deck Mount :                      #2326        Mounting plate measures 3" x 2 3/4"

APS Top Deck Mount :                        #2325        Mounting plate measures 3" x 2 3/4"

APS Adjustable Clamp-On 4" :            #W10817

APS EZ Deck Clamp :                          #2354

APS Iron Rail Clamp :                          #2331      

Step Two - Extend It

These arms slide into the brackets above.  Add an Extension piece below the arm to achieve the proper height to see your feeder.  Extensions come in 12", 18", 24", 36" & 48".

Top - APS Extended Deck Arm Swaged :            #2334

Bottom - APS Short Extended Deck Arm :            #1681

Step Three - Finish It!

Finials slide over the open top of the Extended Deck Arms.  They help keep rain out of hardware and gives your set-up personality.

Bluebird Finial Blue :              #2369

Cardinal Finial Red :                 #2368

Goldfinch Finial Yellow :            #2372

Hummingbird Finial Red :          #2370

Dec. Spear Finial Black :            #1195

Dec. Tear Drop Finial Black :      #3361

Chickadee Finial Black :             #2210

Hummingbird Finial Black :         #2337

Woodpecker Finial Black :       #2371

Bat Finial Black :                     #1555

Seed Cylinder Finial :              #3389     Place a Seed Cylinder on this finial to add another level of bird feeding joy.

      No-Mess Sm Cylinder :      #W10116

Step Four - Sit back and enjoy the birds up close!


Option 1                                                              Option 2

Option 1 :

Dec. Spear Finial Black

Side Deck Mount

Extended Deck Arm Swaged

Option 2 :

Cardinal Finial Red

12" Extension

APS EZ Deck Clamp

Short Extended Deck Arm Swaged

*Prices and inventory may change. Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*