Seed Cylinders are great to use year round! Hot Pepper varieties will help keep squirrels off the feeder but don't affect the birds.  Birds do not have enough taste buds to sense the spicy flavor, but mammals (like squirrels & humans) do.  Be cautious when filling feeders with Hot Pepper foods, do not touch your eyes or skin until after you have washed with warm soapy water!

Prices from Left to Right, Top to Bottom and Item numbers:

Large Safflower                            #1592

Large Hot Pepper No-Mess              #W10703

Small Safflower                               #5115

Small Nesting Super Blend              #W10857

Small Hot Pepper No-Mess            #W10702

Large No-Mess                             #W10595

Small No-Mess                              #W10116

Naturally Nuts Dough Stackable       #3368

Nutty For Nuts Stackable              #3513

No-Mess Stackable                        #3343

Small Cranberry                         #1293

Large Cranberry                          #7361

Small Bug, Nut, Berry                  #W10455

Large Bug, Nut, Berry               #W10454

*Prices and inventory may change.  Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*