Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter and Bits are a unique way to provide suet for the birds!  The Bark Butter in tubs can be smeared onto the bark of a tree or onto feeders.  It has the consistency of peanut butter cookie dough, so applying it with a fork is the easiest way to use it.  The Bark butter Bits can mixed into a seed blend, served in a dish or tray, or served by themselves in one of our combo feeders (#W10000 & #W12157).   Bark Butter contains calcium that helps form healthy, strong babies during nesting season. 

Hot Pepper flavor is now available in both forms, to help resist squirrels and other mammals.

Left to Right Item numbers :

Top Row

Tree Nutty Woodpecker Combo Feeder :                  #W10000

Recycled Small Screen Combo Feeder :                   #12157

Second Row

Bark Butter Feeder Wood :                                       #12150

Bark Butter Feeder Log :                                           #12158

Bottom Row

Recycled Bark Butter Feeder :                                  #12153  (Shown with Weather Guard w/ Hooks, $26.99/0419)

Bark Butter Feeder Wood :                                       #12150

Food On Shelf

Bark Butter Tub 34 oz. :                                            #W10875

Bark Butter Bits :                                                         #3881

Bark Butter Tub 32 oz. :                                            #1577

Hot Pepper Bits :                                                      #W10678

Hot Pepper Tub 34 oz. :                                           #W10876

*Prices and inventory may change. Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*