These are the World's Best Hummingbird Feeders!

From Left to Right:                                                                Item #'s

8 oz. Pagoda Feeder comes with bee guards.        #W10710    

16 oz. High Perch Feeder                                         #W10305

12 oz. High Perch Feeder                                        #3489

8 oz. High Perch Feeder                                          #W10107

Accessories in Photo From Left to Right:

Perfect Little Brushes, 3 pack                                  #5107

Hummingbird Booklet                                                #6609

Nectar Guard Tips, 12 pack                                     #3341

These help keep bees, wasps and flies out of nectar!

*Prices and inventory may change.  Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*