Hopper Feeders are a great foundation for keeping many birds happy in the backyard.  Large and small birds love the design and so will you!  These feeders can be heavy so make sure to hang them from a sturdy branch or pole or mount them from the bottom for a clean, tidy look.  If mounting from the bottom consider adding the Catch-A-Seed Tray under the hopper feeder for more seed catching and a larger place for birds to sit and feed. See the set on the right on the picture.

Pricing from Left to Right and Item number :

*Shown with 13" Hanging Cable Black (Optional) : $3.99                  #W10103

Top Row

Recycled Large 5.5 Qt Hopper* :                                         #1012

Second Row

Modern Rustic Hanging Tray :                                               #W10892

Small Hanging Tray Recycled :                                            #1289

EcoTough Classic Too Green :                                              #1286

EcoTough Classic Green :                                                  #1287

Third Row

Modern Rustic Classic Too :                                                 #W10890

Modern Rustic Classic :                                                         #W10889

EcoTough Classic Too Red :                                                  #1587

EcoTough Classic Red :                                                        #1588

Forth Row

WBU Small Hanging Tray (Wood) :                                       #2714

Catch-A-Seed Tray Recycled :                                             #1288

Modern Rustic Catch-A-Seed Tray :                                     #W10891

WBU Tidy Tray (Wood) :                                                      #1525

Catch-A-Seed Tray Flange :                                                   #2520

APS Wooden Feeder Flange :                                               #2519

On Ground

WBU Recycled Ground Tray :                                              #3583

Ground Feeder Small (Wood) :                                          #645194101203

Recycled Leg Kit (Shown with #1288 & #2272) :                #3099

     16x20 Ground Tray Guard (Not Squirrel Proof) :           #2272

Right Side Mounted Feeder and Tray Items Shown Top Down :

Modern Rustic Classic Feeder

Wooden Feeder Flange

Modern Rustic Catch-A-Seed Tray

Catch-A-Seed Tray Flange

48" APS Extension + 18" APS Extension

Large Patio Base :                                                  #2346

*Prices and inventory may change.  Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*