Weather Guards are an effective way to help keep food fresher and give the birds a dry place to sit and feed during wet weather.  The ;arger weather guards can sometimes resist squirrels if you hang feeders in trees 8' or more away from the trunk of the tree.  Small guards will not top squirrels. 

Pricing from Left to Right and Item numbers :

WBU Super Weather Guard :                                          #0418

    Shown on EcoClean Super Seed Tube Feeder :           #3493

WBU Weather Guard (Small) :                                       #0417

     Shown on Med Black Eco Finch :                              #3442

WBU EcoClean Perch Covers :                                     #3480

Feeder Brush 24" :                                                             #5105

WBU Squirrel Dome Baffle :                                              #1636

On Lower Deck

 WBU Super Weather Guard :                                      #0418

WBU Weather Guard (Small) :                                          #0417

WBU Weather Guard with Hooks (Small) :                        #0419

*Prices and inventory may change. Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*