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Par-a-sol is a company that uses recycled glass to hand blow their nectar feeders.  Each piece is functional and unique.  The red flowers sit in each opening and attract the hummingbirds to the right spot on the feeder.  Hummingbird's tongues are very long and can reach all the way to the bottom of these beautiful vessels.  Replacement glass flowers are available also.  The umbrella ant moats are a nice addition to any hanging nectar feeder.  Keep the moats filled with tap water and they will help prevent ants getting into nectar!

Group 1 Pricing and Item numbers :

Basketweave 2 Clear :                             #9931

Basketweave 2 Green :                            #9933

Basketweave 2 Aqua :                              #9934

Basketweave 2 Blue :                               #9932

Group 2 Pricing and Item numbers :

Ferris Wheel Green :                               #9876

     Shown with optional Black Ant Moat :   #3904

Ferris Wheel Clear :                                #8092

     Shown with optional Red Ant Moat :     #4360

Group 3 Pricing and Item numbers :

Mini Blossom Sweetheart Feeders :         #9918

       Available in Blue, Green, Aqua and Clear

*Prices and inventory may change. Please call 417-882-8801 to order.*